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SteelMaster Engineering

We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and supply of machines for the fully-automated production of prefabricated reinforcement. 

Fully-automated manufacturing of welded pile cages
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Fully-automated manufacturing of non-welded roll mats
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We are offering a portfolio of fully automized machines, for the prefabrication of welded pile cages and non-welded roll mats. In close cooperation with German PEDAX, we are offering a global aftersales service, assuring our customers world-class support.





Optimize both: Manufacturing and construction site!

We are developing our machines with the entire suppply chain in mind. Our solutions save time and increase quality in each step of the process: From manufaturing of the modules, to transport, handling, and implementation on the construction site.
New roll mats delivered on site - prepared and ready to be rolled out in no time!
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Positioning a roll mat - almost a single man's job.
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Patented technology: Production of non-welded rollmats with a wire connection.
Learn more: SpinMaster
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Decrease Manpower Dependence

Get more done with less!
Automizing the manual fabrication of reinforcement modules gets the most out of your available resources! Both, in manufacturing and on site.

Fast Delivery and Simplified Logistics

Shorten both - delivery and construction times!
Producing and delivering the modules in one piece is reducing both manufacturing time and handling on site immensely.

Boost Quality and Save Material

Achieve the highest quality and most effective use of material!
Automized processes enable you to control product quality in the best way - moreover, you are less dependant on specialized workforce.

SteelMaster Engineering is powered by PEDAX ...

PEDAX GmbH in Bitburg, Germany is an industry-wide recognized brand for high quality global aftersales service.
Their service team is focused on highly-skilled and fast-reacting support, worldwide.

We are working hand in hand by PEDAX GmbH, striving for the best possible service for our customers!

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