Non-welded rollmat fabrication


The patented SpinMaster system is the only machine in the world, producing non-welded rebar rollmats. 

SteelMaster machinery does not require royalty payments.

Rollmats save time
Compared to laying welded mesh or loose rebars, rollmats will achieve a reduction of about 80% in installation time. This is realized by simplified logistics, handling and laying on site. 

Rollmats save material
Overlapping material is avoided by customized rollmat shapes, resulting in material savings. Due to the non-welded technology, the bars in the mat can be adjusted, avoiding gaps. 

Wire diameter2-3 mm
Bar diameterUp to 32 mm
Distance between barsbetween 75 and 450 mm
Max. bar length18 m
Max. tonnage per rollmat3 t (optional 5 t)
Capacity storage rack2 bins at 2.5 t

We reserve the right to make design alterations without notice.

Wire diameter1,5 – 3 mm
Bar diameterUp to 32 mm (optional 40 mm)
Distance between barsbetween 75 and 450 mm
Max. bar length22 m
Max. tonnage per rollmat3 t (optional 5 t)

We reserve the right to make design alterations without notice.

Advantages of the patented non-welding technology

Easy Wall Application

Due to the wire system, rollmats can be used as wall reinforcement without the risk for breaking.

Approved for earthquake-risk areas

In areas, where welded connections are not approved, non-welded rollmats are widely applied.

All non-weldable materials applicable

There are no limits to which bar materials can be used besides common black rebar: Epoxy-coated rebars, stainless steel, or fiber materials, etc.

Easy adjustment of bars after rolling out

Rebars are not fully fixed in the rollmat, giving the possibility to freely adjust bars if required.


Reduced Manpower

Boost scalability of your workforce!

Automizing the fabrication of reinforcement modules gets the most out of all available resources - both, in production and on site.

Cut Time and Logistics

Shorten delivery AND construction times!

Producing and delivering the required module in one piece is reducing both manufacturing time and handling on site immensely.

Improve Quality

Achieve the highest quality!

Automized processes enable you to control product quality in the best way - moreover, you are less dependant on specialized workforce.

Find out more about the SpinMaster's functionality

Machine capabilities:

Spinmaster Classic:
Drawing the material from the right hand-side.

Spinmaster Backfeed:
As the name suggests: The machines is fed with rebars from the back, reducing the layout of the machine to a minimum.

The Backfeed variant can produce 1-3 rollmats at the same time, depending on bar length.

Optional add-ons:

Bar feeding from movable bar storage:
Automize your SpinMaster even more! With the movable bar storage, handling of raw materials are reduced to a minimum.

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